Legere Reeds

Waylon is honored to be a Legere Reeds performing artist and endorser. These reeds are amazingly consistent and more time is spent performing rather than worrying about sufficient reed performance.


  Silverstein Ligatures

The Silverstein Ligature helps to produce a crisp, clean, big sound, and ease of play ability that is instantly noticed when switching from other ligatures. Waylon is proud to be included among the many talented musicians who perform using the Silverstein Ligature.


  Drake Mouthpieces

“Aaron Drake’s mouthpieces are the best out there, yet he understands that everyone has different needs and provides endless help in assisting you in finding your perfect match. The Contemporary Alto and the Christlieb Master Series Tenor are the pieces that did the trick for me. If you want one less thing to worry about when you’re performing, give Drake Mouthpieces a try today. You’ll thank yourself daily for doing so!"


  On Stage Stands

The most reliable solution for all musician stand needs. On Stage has it all from music stands to mic and speaker stands to sax stands and all bags and accessories you could possibly imagine. Waylon proudly endorses these great products!


  AMT Microphones

Waylon Hicks is a performing artist for Applied Microphone Technology. AMT Mics are the best around and offer the ability to easily perform and move all about the stage wire free. These mics provide exceptional sound quality and are extremely easy to use.


  RocknRoller Multi-Carts

There isn't enough that could be said about these amazing carts. They can easily cut 4-5 trips loading and unloading gear down to just 1 trip. The RocknRoller is a lifesaver! Waylon is honored to be onboard as a RocknRoller Multicart Endorser.


  Gator Cases

Gator Cases are the highest quality and best built cases you could possibly find. Whatever type of gear you may need protection for, Gator Cases definitely has you covered. Waylon is greatly honored to be included in the Gator Cases family of performing artists.


  Sax Gel Strap

Such an amazing Sax Neck Strap! The last thing you should worry about while playing is the comfort of holding your instrument. Joe Rohrbacher has designed an extremely comfortable and stylish strap that works wonders!